War Were Declared


It may be time to accept that we are at war or that war was declared on us. Because this is not the traditional kinetic type of warfare, most humans are completely unaware of the very real threat being presented. It seems the globalists have release Multi-Generational Warfare tactics. There is no question that 4th and 5th generation tactics are being used and while nearly impossible to prove; 6th generation tactics are likely in play. A plan decades in the making is finally coming to fruition and most humans are choosing sides and ultimately turning on one another. This is the definition of evil; division has been manufactured by the globalists.

The globalists know they're losing the plot in the MSM which is why free speech has been strangled on all big tech social media platforms. Facebook is literally a C.I.A. operation to catalog, track, and manipulate the human mind. Which is why there was a movie made about the rise of Facebook; complete and total misdirection from the truth. Movies and media have been using predictive programming for many years to manipulate truth and "massage" the human mind into compliance with tyranny.

There is a silver lining though....
The globalists are overplaying their hand and forcing many "normies" to wake up, quickly. Each day more and more humans are breaking through the veil of lies perpetrated by the globalists. We may be quickly approaching a critical mass of Awakened Humans and once reached; spells the end of the globalist agenda.

Always remember...
We do not need the governments of the world; they need us. There is not a system of government on this planet that generates income. Instead their money and power is stolen from us. If you take notice of the politicians actions over the last 21 months; striking similarities can be made to the "Captains" from "Hunger Games" who were totally disconnected from reality and forced to invent their own "reality". Their endgame is the complete consolidation of power and control! This is the very reason why most who are awake are in favor of complete de-centralization of information.

Truth will prevail! The destiny of Evil is to be conquered by Good!

Stay Strong Fellow Humans -- I Love You All ! !