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Humans are Free.

This inalienable right was bestowed by our Creator and is
considered "self-evident" in a certain country's founding documents.

Humans are Free to do as they wish;
provided they cause NO intentional harm to other Humans.

Humans should love and respect all other Humans.
Humans should protect the volunerable among Us.
Humans should always pursue absolute truth --Amen.

-- It's basically that simple --

! ! Humanity is at a crossroads, if we do not act now, all will be lost ! !

There is currently an attack on the collective Human Soul across all of western civilization. This attack is perpetrated by global elitists by way of the WEF and the Central Banks, which are owned by the Rothschild's. This attack has been delivered on multiple fronts and has almost attained full-spectrum dominance, as it has only become kinetic for those who volunteered for experimentation. The whole of Mainstream Media has been compromised; they do not represent the best interests of Humanity. This includes ALL cable TV news, Microsoft, Twitter and, FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google). Education has been replaced with Indoctrination throughout the Western Educational System. The overarching goal of this attack is to enslave Human Thought to pave way for the Trans-Humanist movement, which at it's core is Anti-Human, and to attempt to subvert our collective Awakening as we move into the age of Aquarius. Now is the time to stand together reguardless of race, creed, religion, politics, or any other system of control devised by the global elitists.

??? Some simple questions to ask yourself ???

How can an educational system be defined as such; when basic reading, writing, and mathmatics skills are not required?

Why are schools segregating thier students based on race? Wasn't that outlawed by Title III of The Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Climate Change
If the circumstances are so dire, then why are the elitests buying islands and beachfront property at record rates? Seems like an unwise investment, especially on the part of "highly successful" billionaire investors.

Why are certain technologies, meant to retro-fit gasoline engines to a zero emmission standard being suppressed?

Why is it that nearly all climate change data comes from a single source?

Are battery cars really a good idea? Isn't about 40% of world-wide electricity derived from coal?

The U.S. Government admitted to using weather manipulation in the late 1960's; that technology should be highly advanced by now. Why couldn't that be used to combat climate change?

If the coronavirus is as deadly as advertised, then why do the elitests ignore their own mask and lockdown mandates?

How can a surgical mask protect you against an invisible coronavirus but not from highly visible wildfire smoke?

Why is it that coronavirus is highly communicable in small business, family gatherings, and church services but, not in big box stores (ie walmart), government sanctioned rioting, or elitest parties with a several hundred person guest list?

Why are protests against lockdown mandates considered super-spreader events yet, social justice protests "matter more than social distance"?

When did companies like Pfizer, J&J, or Astrazeneca start putting safety concerns over profit?

What happened to the flu? How did it just disappear in the fall of 2020?

Do you actually trust appointed government officials making nearly $500,000 annually, as a "civil servant"?

Does it seem like the mainstream media is reading from a script? Should you trust them with critical heath decisions?

Does organizations like the FDA, CDC, or WHO represent your interests or do they represent their own?

Have you seen even one of the hundreds of testimonials by respected physicians, in any of the mainstream media?

These questions are just a primer. Now is the time for further research, ask questions, dig dirt, DO NOT be misled!

United Non-Compliance