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The Vaxxed Israel


According to MSM, Totally Safe and Effective ? !

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 08:50:38 -0500



Play with fire and eventually you'll get burned.

Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:23:06 -0400

Nothing To See Here


This is fine. Everything is Ok. No Conflicts Here!

Thu, 21 Oct 2021 09:12:13 -0400

The Georgia Guide Stones


The Luciferian Commandments

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Shrouded in mystery and erected more that 40 years ago, The Georgia Guide Stones are essentially the 10 commandments for the Luciferian global elitists. How do we know the elitists are behind this "monument"? Because the details surrounding It's origin have the tell tale globalist calling cards. Commissioned in 1979 by R.C. Christian (a pseudonym) on behalf of "a small group of loyal Americans", the stones are a monument of heresy to both God and the U.S. Constitution. The Illuminati have many tenets, one of which is, take two opposites, combine them and it will produce something new. This seems to be the case with R.C. Christian and the "loyal Americans", there is not one christian loyal American who can abide by these "suggestions" . So let's tear this abomination apart.

"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000..."
In short, this is proposed genocide and there is nothing that makes the global elitist salivate more than human suffering. As you know we are useless eaters that consume all of the worlds resources without want or regard so, why keep us around, especially when automation is upon us. " In a perpetual balance with nature..." That's right it's us plebes that own and operate private jets, own multiple beach front properties and islands, and consume massive amounts of energy with our mega-corporations. It's not Dupont that pollutes the world with by-products of plastics production, it's our drinking straws that's the culprit.

"Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity". Wow! This is a very eloquent way of describing the Eugenics program, again a favorite of the elitists. If you're unfamiliar with Eugenics, just think about the Third Reich and the breeding programs instituted to create a "pure" race of being. Meanwhile the Nazi Party exterminated millions of Jewish humans to bolster their numbers in the pursuit of their "pure blood". Do you really think the group that instituted such a program then are a different group than those trying to implement it today?

"Unite humanity with a new living language". While this may sound like a noble endeavor to "unite" humanity, it is just another dubious play on words. Never mind the concept of expanding your mind by way of learning languages to better understand the culture of other humans. That would be a total waste of time and we're to dumb for such a task. A "new living language" created by who and what sort of double speak will it include, judging by the ever changing, rewriting of definitions already occuring, the safe bet is more toward the devolution of language into something akin to that of the language in the movie Idiocracy. Homogenization is not healthy for the human experience and should be avoided at all costs.

"Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason". Since when does passion, faith, or tradition need to be ruled? In other words, these practices need to be stamped out to make way for the new "One World Religion" that IS Luciferian. Faith is part of tradition and humans typically live passionately by way of faith. So again, the only way to tear humans away from their tradition is to subvert the very idea of GOD. There is no room for for any GOD other than their own; a "god" of excess, deceit, and idolatry.

"Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts". Laws and courts should be in it of itself "fair and just" , leading to the belief that the proposed system will be anything other than "fair" or "just". If we look at the current systems, it seems that the courts are indeed fair if you have enough money and influence to make them act as such. Though, if you're one of the plebes the proposed system (much like the current system) will be fraught with corruption and injustice.

"Let all nations rule internally resolving disputes in a world court". Nations already rule internally so, what is a world court going to accomplish other than seeding corruption within it. There was already a "world court" that was assembled at the end of WWII and it was called the Nuremberg Trials for the war criminals who enacted crimes against humanity (Crimes much like we're seeing now with forced medical experimentation). Such pretty words though, aren't they?

"Avoid petty laws and useless officials". Translation: the consolidation of power at the very top of the global elitist structure. By "useless officials" they mean any official other than themselves and "petty laws" are considered any crimes perpetrated against plebes by plebes. You can be assured that any crime against the global elitists will be considered as the highest crimes that can be committed. This will include any criticism against their Trans-Human agenda.

"Balance personal rights with social duties". What constitutes "social duties"? This is a way to strip the Human of all GOD given, intrinsic, inalienable freedom. As a Human you are a FREE autonomous Being and the "social duties" to be followed have already been defined by the ACTUAL 10 Commandments. There need be no "Balance" between these two ideologies because it has already been defined and those who act against them will be punished in one form or another.

"Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite". This is all incredibly Orwellian. Truth will be lies, beauty will be ugliness and love will be hate (we know this to be true because they are already enacting this logic within social and main stream media). Not to mention the issue with vanity being a sin and is now being promoted as altruistic. Those of us that live through faith are already on the journey of "seeking harmony with the infinite" and do not need new social constructs in an attempt to re-define "the infinite".

"Be not a cancer on the Earth - Leave room for nature". The only "Cancer" on this Earth are the global elitists, they are the mass polluters with their private jets, mega-corporations, and ongoing geoengineering. This is also the second time "nature" has been mentioned in these Luciferian Commandments. Any human of GOD with self-awareness wants to do no harm to the environment because we have been given dominion over the Earth and all of its inhabitants and want to be good stewards of our gifts.

To Be Clear....
This is a product of the Trans-Humanist movement set forth by the global elitists and those of us that serve GOD do not need a "re-writing" of what was already carved in stone. Even those who do not serve GOD but are self-aware and in service of goodness do not need this either. The goal of this type of rhetoric is attain control over our bodies, souls, and minds. This is an attempt to steer us away from GOD and create misery, death, and despair; leaving our only "salvation" in the hands of those that openly speak of genocide, eugenics, and total control of humanity.
Ultimately these are the tenants of "Neo-Feudalism" and an attempt to create a serf class of humans whose only purpose is to serve their masters - "the global elitists". This is why the first two "commandments" speak of population control and the rest are blatantly against GOD and free will.
Man is NOT meant to serve man, we all have a higher calling than to serve those that want us dead or controlled. Now is our time to take inventory of our beliefs and convictions and fortify them. Without that, they will win because of cleverly worded disinformation and the breaking of the human spirit through manipulation of facts and faith.

Good Luck Fellow Humans, I Love You All ! !

Tue, 28 Sep 2021 12:33:53 -0400

The Sock Puppet Software


The year is 2012 and the Deep State has come to the realization that it cannot legally propagandize the American public. The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 prohibited the dissemination of disinformation by way of American media and this was a problem for the global elitists. You see, the elitists will propagandize either way but they think they will be saved from the rope if it's legal. With this knowledge; a certain Deep State American president surrounded by his congressional cronies passed HR 4310 to allow the American public to be propagandized in 2013. This amendment also allowed for the indefinite detention of American Citizens without trial, bypassing due process altogether. Always remember, the goal of the elitists is population control; be it by murder or enslavement, either way is fine for them.

With the passing of this amendment the Deep State turned to it's favorite alphabet agency to unleash it's narrative. Cue the Sock Puppet Software which was initially used to sew disinformation by way of social media to subvert foreign governments. Humans; by and large, seem to be highly susceptible to propaganda because of our innate desire to be good. This desire is easily co-opted and used against us and the "Sock Puppet Software" is yet another form of predictive programming. Someone sees a single tweet stating "We are officially back to getting crushed by covid" and attached to said tweet is an authoritative blue check along with an M.D. moniker. There are many goals for such a statement but, mainly it is to instill fear, remorse, and sympathy. The average human see's these statements and thinks "well, if I do not get this DNA altering gene therapy I could die, or worse kill someone else" and the cycle is perpetuated. Meanwhile, nearly all of the statistics regarding this disease have been falsified by the CDC and the WHO through clever wording and lies. This is what evil looks like, in case you were wondering.

Fortunately, there are many humans who collect information and dedicate themselves to truth. Lo and behold; these researchers find many tweets that are verbatim copies of tweets by other people. Again, the fortunate part is the elitists believe us to be stupid people and this makes their approach to disinformation sloppy, at best. The thought that "none of these useless eaters will ever notice that our twitter bot pushed the same post (verbatim) a thousand times" is proof of their underestimation of human thought and awareness and will bring their demise.

If we do not understand that the governments of the world have gone rogue and are against us, all will be lost. This plan has been in the works for decades and while most were asleep the elitists and Deep State have been posturing and repealing safeguards against corrupt policies to enslave us all. For whatever reason their plan has been accelerated and they're showing their hand. DO NOT be misled by these miscreants and stand with your human brothers and sisters. Strength in numbers is our only recourse against this tyranny we are witnessing around the world.

Stay Safe; Stay Awake, and Be Safe humans.
I love you all ! !

Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:23:57 -0400

A Perfect Summation of the Hegelian Dialectic

[ linkstandalone]

Funny because it's true? If this Meme is kept at the front of our minds while listening to or reading any of the MSM talking points, we'll quickly see they are lying to us with nearly every blasphemous word. Be sure to share this with others because the front line Meme soldiers are working over-time in this information war that has been thrust upon us.
Good Luck Fellow Humans. I Love You All!

Sat, 18 Sep 2021 14:16:45 -0400

Whistles are 'A Blowin


This video excerpt was taken straight from the FDA Youtube page, proving that evidence of severe adverse reactions to the vaccines IS being presented to the FDA and promptly ignored. This can be taken as Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity!
Sat, 18 Sep 2021 13:24:22 -0400

The Rise of The Neiman Marxist


So... We're all just Extras in Their Dystopian Movie?

The old saying "Washington D.C. is Hollywood for the unattractive" was meant to be an insult but, they're now wearing it as a badge of honor. This is at least a sub-plot to a futuristic dystopian movie, right? If you're out of the loop, no worries let's get you up to speed with the current shenanigans.

Alexandria "The gift that keeps on giving" Ocasio-Cortez showed up to the annual MET Gala in a dress with her wildly imaginative slogan "TAX THE RICH" scrawled across the back. The lack of self-awareness is almost unparalleled... almost. What we are witnessing is the real-time implementation of Hegel's Dialectic, leading to the belief that it's part of their plan and actually not a lack of self-awareness. The nonsensical circular logic is meant to wear down the mind to a malleable and susceptible state.

The annual MET Gala is self-congratulatory, $30,000 per plate gathering of the "Global Elitist Party" and considered "the jewel in New York City's social crown". Long story short it's a fundraiser for a fashion show; not to help the poor or feed hungry children, NO! IT'S SOLE PURPOSE IS TO FUND A FASHION SHOW ! ! Based on her rhetoric we're going to assume A.O.C. was in attendance as a form of protest. Okay... So, maybe ol' A.O.C.'s dress was found in a thrift store and she just wrote her slogan on the back with a red marker, that would give a big middle finger to the establishment, right? Wrong! The Dress was designed by Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies Luxury Accessories (home of the $700 sandals and $2000 handbags) for what sort of cost. $10,000 - $20,000, who knows? Well, Aurora James is an American success story being an immigrant that escaped apartheid in a 3rd world country and almost died on her perilous journey to freedom in the U.S., right? Wrong! She's from just outside Toronto, Canada.

It's no secret that A.O.C. claims to be a socialist and is acting in perfect accordance with the classic socialist. The classic structure where all re-distribution of wealth moves upward toward the ruling class, all power and ownership is consolidated by the ruling class, and eventually the ruling class plans and executes genocide. One only needs to look to history for evidence. Followers of this sort of ideology are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance and often seem agitated or paranoid. The conscience knows and tries to override the evil thoughts in the active mind but a lot of humans have that near fatal flaw, vanity. If vanity is not kept in check it quickly turns to sociopathy and psychopathy and seems to be what we're witnessing here.

The heart-breaking aspect is that many humans have been propagandized to the point of belief in their fork-tongued words. Some humans believe people like A.O.C. actually care about them and want to help them and these are just lies told by the elitists to fool you and stay in power.

I still live in my hood and literally instagrammed from my apartment tonight. A man was just arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me & others, so yeah I'm not gonna disclose my personal address or tell people when I move. Sorry! — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 25, 2019

The only part of the prior statement that seems believable or rational for that matter is the "not gonna disclose my personal address", the rest is reminiscent of logic that wouldn't be accepted coming from a five year old. There is no reason we should accept their rhetoric.

Stop listening to these people, they steal your money, lie to you, mock you, believe you to be of a lower intelligence, and out in out hate you. Guaranteed.

Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:22:28 -0400

A Warning to Australians that ALL should hear


Riccardo Bosi Leader of Australia One Warns his countrymen but All Should Heed this warning

Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:04:59 -0400

War Were Declared


It may be time to accept that we are at war or that war was declared on us. Because this is not the traditional kinetic type of warfare, most humans are completely unaware of the very real threat being presented. It seems the globalists have release Multi-Generational Warfare tactics. There is no question that 4th and 5th generation tactics are being used and while nearly impossible to prove; 6th generation tactics are likely in play. A plan decades in the making is finally coming to fruition and most humans are choosing sides and ultimately turning on one another. This is the definition of evil; division has been manufactured by the globalists.

The globalists know they're losing the plot in the MSM which is why free speech has been strangled on all big tech social media platforms. Facebook is literally a C.I.A. operation to catalog, track, and manipulate the human mind. Which is why there was a movie made about the rise of Facebook; complete and total misdirection from the truth. Movies and media have been using predictive programming for many years to manipulate truth and "massage" the human mind into compliance with tyranny.

There is a silver lining though....
The globalists are overplaying their hand and forcing many "normies" to wake up, quickly. Each day more and more humans are breaking through the veil of lies perpetrated by the globalists. We may be quickly approaching a critical mass of Awakened Humans and once reached; spells the end of the globalist agenda.

Always remember...
We do not need the governments of the world; they need us. There is not a system of government on this planet that generates income. Instead their money and power is stolen from us. If you take notice of the politicians actions over the last 21 months; striking similarities can be made to the "Captains" from "Hunger Games" who were totally disconnected from reality and forced to invent their own "reality". Their endgame is the complete consolidation of power and control! This is the very reason why most who are awake are in favor of complete de-centralization of information.

Truth will prevail! The destiny of Evil is to be conquered by Good!

Stay Strong Fellow Humans -- I Love You All ! !

Thu, 16 Sep 2021 10:34:50 -0400

Systems Of Control


It may be hard to believe but, systems have been put in place to control how we think! Division is at the heart of the globalist agenda because a unified, free, and autonomous human race is a direct threat to their way of life. The globalists only concern is the consolidation of power and wealth and no matter how much they accumulate; it's never enough. These systems have been in place for centuries and evolve with the times. Politics, Religion, and Race are the classical forms of control and in recent years Sexual Orientation, Gender, Disability have been added to the list. Likely the worst new system implemented has to be the Victimization Complex.

These systems are used to divide and conquer the human mind and species. Many have fallen victim to the "Mass Formation" currently taking place, which is a form of hypnosis. This leads to the belief that the Victimization Complex that has seen recent rise is a product of Mass Formation. The human mind knows it has been victimized but a lot of "normies" simply cannot make the connection as to how, probably due to the MSM and their assault on the human psyche. Make no mistake, the Main Stream Media is the propaganda arm of the globalists. It was put into place to serve us these systems of control, it is meant to confuse and keep us in a negative emotional state making it easier to supplant ideologies involving humans living in harmony with the world and each other.

It is truly heart-breaking to see so many humans fall for their deceit; lies that turn humans against each other. The globalists are working overtime to ensure our compliance by way of changing definitions, ignoring centuries of scientific discovery, and deploying a blanketed gaslighting. They have learned if they keep us scared and paranoid for long enough eventually we will break and allow ourselves to be enslaved both mentally and physically. This is why those that are paying attention think they are going crazy, the "Rules for thee, Not for me" examples being set by the politicians and constant "Don't believe your eyes and ears; Believe ONLY OUR words" delivered by the media would break anyone. They have turned the medical establishment into an "Immunity As A Service" for a blown out of proportion flu season; a service provided by big pharma with a well-known criminal past. It's almost as if we are no longer safe in our own bodies, nevermind social interaction of any kind. This effort was likely pushed because the race war they were trying to incite failed and they needed a new way to divide us -- VAXXED vs. UNVAXXED (and of course the money).

If you believe this to be hyperbole, do just a little research and you will quickly find it is not. These people want a majority of us dead and the rest enslaved. There are many videos out there of global elitists openly saying it. Bill Gates has spoken of depopulation many times, funded "vaccines" and proceeded to kill and mame millions around the world with his botched vaccination programs. Meanwhile, he would not have his own children vaccinated. Hmmm... Klaus Schwab says "You will own nothing and be happy about it", while at the same time stealing more wealth and ownership. They are truly evil beings that have forfeited their rights as humans, in fact they're anti-human!

Seems like a bit much, huh? Well... It is! It's okay though and if we all work at it we can stay sane and maybe even prosper. Still listen to what they have to say because they will definitely foreshadow their plans. What is said has to be deciphered though and there are many resources on the interwebs to help. When searching for information stay away from the big tech companies, they're part of the MSM. Love your fellow human and let the systems of control fall away from your mind. To many obstacles have been put in our way to simply love each other inside their system. It's time to move into a new mindset, We Are One! The new rules are simple....
Be Free
Be Kind
Do No Harm
Protect the Vulnerable
Do Not Comply With Tyranny
Remove all labels except -- HUMAN !

There are many more of us than them, and now's the time to stand in solidarity.

Good Luck Fellow Humans -- I Love You All!

Wed, 15 Sep 2021 22:02:34 -0400