The Sock Puppet Software


The year is 2012 and the Deep State has come to the realization that it cannot legally propagandize the American public. The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 prohibited the dissemination of disinformation by way of American media and this was a problem for the global elitists. You see, the elitists will propagandize either way but they think they will be saved from the rope if it's legal. With this knowledge; a certain Deep State American president surrounded by his congressional cronies passed HR 4310 to allow the American public to be propagandized in 2013. This amendment also allowed for the indefinite detention of American Citizens without trial, bypassing due process altogether. Always remember, the goal of the elitists is population control; be it by murder or enslavement, either way is fine for them.

With the passing of this amendment the Deep State turned to it's favorite alphabet agency to unleash it's narrative. Cue the Sock Puppet Software which was initially used to sew disinformation by way of social media to subvert foreign governments. Humans; by and large, seem to be highly susceptible to propaganda because of our innate desire to be good. This desire is easily co-opted and used against us and the "Sock Puppet Software" is yet another form of predictive programming. Someone sees a single tweet stating "We are officially back to getting crushed by covid" and attached to said tweet is an authoritative blue check along with an M.D. moniker. There are many goals for such a statement but, mainly it is to instill fear, remorse, and sympathy. The average human see's these statements and thinks "well, if I do not get this DNA altering gene therapy I could die, or worse kill someone else" and the cycle is perpetuated. Meanwhile, nearly all of the statistics regarding this disease have been falsified by the CDC and the WHO through clever wording and lies. This is what evil looks like, in case you were wondering.

Fortunately, there are many humans who collect information and dedicate themselves to truth. Lo and behold; these researchers find many tweets that are verbatim copies of tweets by other people. Again, the fortunate part is the elitists believe us to be stupid people and this makes their approach to disinformation sloppy, at best. The thought that "none of these useless eaters will ever notice that our twitter bot pushed the same post (verbatim) a thousand times" is proof of their underestimation of human thought and awareness and will bring their demise.

If we do not understand that the governments of the world have gone rogue and are against us, all will be lost. This plan has been in the works for decades and while most were asleep the elitists and Deep State have been posturing and repealing safeguards against corrupt policies to enslave us all. For whatever reason their plan has been accelerated and they're showing their hand. DO NOT be misled by these miscreants and stand with your human brothers and sisters. Strength in numbers is our only recourse against this tyranny we are witnessing around the world.

Stay Safe; Stay Awake, and Be Safe humans.
I love you all ! !