The Rise of The Neiman Marxist


So... We're all just Extras in Their Dystopian Movie?

The old saying "Washington D.C. is Hollywood for the unattractive" was meant to be an insult but, they're now wearing it as a badge of honor. This is at least a sub-plot to a futuristic dystopian movie, right? If you're out of the loop, no worries let's get you up to speed with the current shenanigans.

Alexandria "The gift that keeps on giving" Ocasio-Cortez showed up to the annual MET Gala in a dress with her wildly imaginative slogan "TAX THE RICH" scrawled across the back. The lack of self-awareness is almost unparalleled... almost. What we are witnessing is the real-time implementation of Hegel's Dialectic, leading to the belief that it's part of their plan and actually not a lack of self-awareness. The nonsensical circular logic is meant to wear down the mind to a malleable and susceptible state.

The annual MET Gala is self-congratulatory, $30,000 per plate gathering of the "Global Elitist Party" and considered "the jewel in New York City's social crown". Long story short it's a fundraiser for a fashion show; not to help the poor or feed hungry children, NO! IT'S SOLE PURPOSE IS TO FUND A FASHION SHOW ! ! Based on her rhetoric we're going to assume A.O.C. was in attendance as a form of protest. Okay... So, maybe ol' A.O.C.'s dress was found in a thrift store and she just wrote her slogan on the back with a red marker, that would give a big middle finger to the establishment, right? Wrong! The Dress was designed by Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies Luxury Accessories (home of the $700 sandals and $2000 handbags) for what sort of cost. $10,000 - $20,000, who knows? Well, Aurora James is an American success story being an immigrant that escaped apartheid in a 3rd world country and almost died on her perilous journey to freedom in the U.S., right? Wrong! She's from just outside Toronto, Canada.

It's no secret that A.O.C. claims to be a socialist and is acting in perfect accordance with the classic socialist. The classic structure where all re-distribution of wealth moves upward toward the ruling class, all power and ownership is consolidated by the ruling class, and eventually the ruling class plans and executes genocide. One only needs to look to history for evidence. Followers of this sort of ideology are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance and often seem agitated or paranoid. The conscience knows and tries to override the evil thoughts in the active mind but a lot of humans have that near fatal flaw, vanity. If vanity is not kept in check it quickly turns to sociopathy and psychopathy and seems to be what we're witnessing here.

The heart-breaking aspect is that many humans have been propagandized to the point of belief in their fork-tongued words. Some humans believe people like A.O.C. actually care about them and want to help them and these are just lies told by the elitists to fool you and stay in power.

I still live in my hood and literally instagrammed from my apartment tonight. A man was just arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me & others, so yeah I'm not gonna disclose my personal address or tell people when I move. Sorry! — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 25, 2019

The only part of the prior statement that seems believable or rational for that matter is the "not gonna disclose my personal address", the rest is reminiscent of logic that wouldn't be accepted coming from a five year old. There is no reason we should accept their rhetoric.

Stop listening to these people, they steal your money, lie to you, mock you, believe you to be of a lower intelligence, and out in out hate you. Guaranteed.