Systems Of Control


It may be hard to believe but, systems have been put in place to control how we think! Division is at the heart of the globalist agenda because a unified, free, and autonomous human race is a direct threat to their way of life. The globalists only concern is the consolidation of power and wealth and no matter how much they accumulate; it's never enough. These systems have been in place for centuries and evolve with the times. Politics, Religion, and Race are the classical forms of control and in recent years Sexual Orientation, Gender, Disability have been added to the list. Likely the worst new system implemented has to be the Victimization Complex.

These systems are used to divide and conquer the human mind and species. Many have fallen victim to the "Mass Formation" currently taking place, which is a form of hypnosis. This leads to the belief that the Victimization Complex that has seen recent rise is a product of Mass Formation. The human mind knows it has been victimized but a lot of "normies" simply cannot make the connection as to how, probably due to the MSM and their assault on the human psyche. Make no mistake, the Main Stream Media is the propaganda arm of the globalists. It was put into place to serve us these systems of control, it is meant to confuse and keep us in a negative emotional state making it easier to supplant ideologies involving humans living in harmony with the world and each other.

It is truly heart-breaking to see so many humans fall for their deceit; lies that turn humans against each other. The globalists are working overtime to ensure our compliance by way of changing definitions, ignoring centuries of scientific discovery, and deploying a blanketed gaslighting. They have learned if they keep us scared and paranoid for long enough eventually we will break and allow ourselves to be enslaved both mentally and physically. This is why those that are paying attention think they are going crazy, the "Rules for thee, Not for me" examples being set by the politicians and constant "Don't believe your eyes and ears; Believe ONLY OUR words" delivered by the media would break anyone. They have turned the medical establishment into an "Immunity As A Service" for a blown out of proportion flu season; a service provided by big pharma with a well-known criminal past. It's almost as if we are no longer safe in our own bodies, nevermind social interaction of any kind. This effort was likely pushed because the race war they were trying to incite failed and they needed a new way to divide us -- VAXXED vs. UNVAXXED (and of course the money).

If you believe this to be hyperbole, do just a little research and you will quickly find it is not. These people want a majority of us dead and the rest enslaved. There are many videos out there of global elitists openly saying it. Bill Gates has spoken of depopulation many times, funded "vaccines" and proceeded to kill and mame millions around the world with his botched vaccination programs. Meanwhile, he would not have his own children vaccinated. Hmmm... Klaus Schwab says "You will own nothing and be happy about it", while at the same time stealing more wealth and ownership. They are truly evil beings that have forfeited their rights as humans, in fact they're anti-human!

Seems like a bit much, huh? Well... It is! It's okay though and if we all work at it we can stay sane and maybe even prosper. Still listen to what they have to say because they will definitely foreshadow their plans. What is said has to be deciphered though and there are many resources on the interwebs to help. When searching for information stay away from the big tech companies, they're part of the MSM. Love your fellow human and let the systems of control fall away from your mind. To many obstacles have been put in our way to simply love each other inside their system. It's time to move into a new mindset, We Are One! The new rules are simple....
Be Free
Be Kind
Do No Harm
Protect the Vulnerable
Do Not Comply With Tyranny
Remove all labels except -- HUMAN !

There are many more of us than them, and now's the time to stand in solidarity.

Good Luck Fellow Humans -- I Love You All!