The Gateway Experience
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??? Astral Projection IS REAL ???

In addition to suppressed technology; The CIA has also suppressed information allowing humans to connect to the Aether to attain Universal Information. A study was commissioned by the CIA in 1983 that sought to define "The Gateway Experience" by scientific analysis. This study was de-classified in 2003 and seems to verify the possibility of astral projection to connect to the Universal Collective Consciousness. Ideas like this have been passed off as conspiracy theory or pseudo-science by the main stream for decades, leading many humans to do the same. The true history and power of humanity has been hidden from us by the global elitists and it's time for us to take it back. Read the paper linked earlier in this paragraph and use the training program below to unlock your True Human Potential!

01 • Orientation

02 • Intro To Focus

03 • Advanced Focus

04 • Release & Recharge

05 • Exploring Sleep

06 • Free Flow

07 • Focus

08 • Problem Solving

09 • One Month Patterning

10 • Color Breathing

11 • Energy Bar Tool

12 • Living Body Map

13 • Lift Off

14 • Remote Viewing

15 • Vector

16 • Five Questions

17 • Energy Food

18 • First Seperation